About Keira Grace Foundation

Founded in 2004, by Drs. Michael and Eileen Lauzardo, the Keira Grace Foundation is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit whose mission is to bring hope, restoration and life to children with cancer in Latin America.

Over the past 30 years, the treatment of children’s cancer has improved dramatically and many forms are considered curable. But this is not the case for 80 percent of the world’s children who live in poverty-stricken countries where cancer is often a death sentence. Keira Grace Foundation focuses on taking proven cancer treatment to developing nations where the most impact can be made, dramatically improving survival.

Keira Grace Foundation is the only family foundation bringing cancer treatment to low- and middle-income countries.

Number of children and families who received direct assistance from KGF in 2022
Children who became 5 years survivors in 2022 in the Dominican Republic Program
Number of families who have used the Share the Cure House in 2019 (pre-pandemic)

Who We Serve

We work primarily in Latin America where most countries have the medical infrastructure to diagnose cancer in children but most children who are diagnosed with cancer do not have access to programs that can cure them of their cancer.

Our work started in the Dominican Republic in 2005 and have now expanded to include projects in Colombia and Brazil. All of these projects work with local foundations and physicians who directly care of the children and families stricken by cancer.

Modern cancer treatment should be accessible to all children, regardless of where they live. For this reason, Keira Grace Foundation directs its efforts to children diagnosed with cancer in developing countries where survival rates hover near 20 percent. In just a few short years, those rates can be doubled or tripled.

Keira's Story

In the spring of 2003, Drs. Michael and Eileen Lauzardo were faced with an unprecedented life situation. Before their infant daughter Keira, had her first birthday, tragedy struck. Both their son and Keira, were simultaneously diagnosed with two different types of leukemia. Their son survived his cancer but 17-month-old Keira did not. It is this experience that propelled the Lauzardos to form Keira Grace Foundation.

News & Press Releases

Share the Cure 2024 – Roaring 20’s

The Keira Grace Foundation held their annual Share the Cure Gala on Saturday, March 23rd at the UF Hilton. The event’s fundraising exceeded expectations due to the generous support of the greater Gainesville community. Such generosity will allow the expansion of the Keira Grace Foundation’s successful life-saving programs in the Dominican Republic into Brazil and Colombia.

An Evening with Tim Tebow

The Keira Grace Foundation hosted, An Evening with Tim Tebow on November 30, 2023 at the Heavener Football Training Complex and the Touchdown Terrace at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

Share the Cure 2023 Raises $200,000

The Keira Grace Foundation held their annual Share the Cure gala Saturday, February 11th at the Santa Fe River Ranch in Alachua Florida. Through our generous and loyal donors and supporters, we raised $200,000.

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