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What We Do & Who We Serve

Keira Grace Foundation delivers proven cancer treatment to children in developing nations by connecting in-country medical teams with oncologists, cancer treatment facilities and support organizations from developed countries.

This proven model consistently results in increasing survival rates by more than 400 percent. Instead of dying needlessly when the cure is available, these children now have life, restoration and hope.

Each year, an estimated 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer. More than 70 percent of those do not have access to modern cancer treatment. As a result, as many as 95 percent of children with cancer in developing countries will die. That translates to six out of every 10 children with cancer who die needlessly while the cure is in hand.

Modern cancer treatment should be accessible to all children, regardless of where they live. For this reason, Keira Grace Foundation directs its efforts to children diagnosed with cancer in developing countries where survival rates hover near 20 percent. In just a few short years, those rates can be raised to 80 percent.

Dominican Republic

The Domincan Republic was the first site chosen for service by Keira Grace Foundation due to the strong collaboration of its two Domincan partners: Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital and the Friends against Childhood Cancer Foundation.

In just five years, Keira Grace Foundation identified the initial geographic service area, developed methodology to deliver treatment, recruited personnel, channeled resources, started treatment and has successfully raised survival rates by more than 400 percent in the treatment area. This early track record demonstrates the enormous need and viability of the service.


Since 2019, Keira Grace Foundation has been establishing a relationship with CONIACC (National Confederation of Support Institutions to Children and Adolescents with Cancer) working to minimize the death rates and provide equity in healthcare access to children with cancer all over Brazil. CONIACC has 54 affiliated institutions across 21 states in Brazil.

Recently, Keira Grace Foundation has supported CONIACC’s new data manager project linking over 19 hospitals in the poorest regions of Brazil. The goal of this program is to reduce treatment-related mortality amongst children in poor resource settings mainly across Recife and other close by regions. More information about this project is to come…


Keira Grace Foundation is currently working to create connections and programs with local organizations in the Pasto and Eje Cafetero regions of Colombia. These regions have been identified as areas of need in healthcare access to children with cancer of low income families.  There are plans to begin working with a similarly focused non-profit in Colombia to improve cancer surveillance in children with the goal of saving poor children with cancer there as well.

Recently, Keira Grace Foundation has supported over the past year emergency COVID-19 assistance to families with children undergoing cancer treatment. There has also been coordination with national insurance institutions to fill the gaps in care children are currently facing in Colombia. More information about this project is to come…